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Dental Health

SurgeryPic1Here at the Animal Place we strongly believe in dental health. You can help your pet enjoy clean teeth by regularly brushing and applying a sealant. However, sometimes brushing your pets teeth (if you are able to!!), just isn’t enough. Like you and I, even though we brush our teeth on a daily basis, it is still recommended that we go see our dentist every 6-12 months for a routine cleaning. Our pets are no different. Therefore, this procedure involves a thorough cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, followed by high-speed polishing and pre/post dental xrays; resulting in clean teeth and a healthier mouth!

Since every pet is different, the time intervals between dentals vary. Depending on the pet, some need to have professional dental cleanings yearly, while other pets need it every couple of years. It is important to understand that during a dental cleaning the pet is anesthetized, so the same precautionary measures are taken as in a surgical procedure.