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The Animal Place has all the necessary equipment and supplies to carry out not only minor, but major surgeries as well. Our veterinarians perform a variety of surgeries, including: spay, neuter, growth removal, cherry eye and much more. We also have the capability of calling in a specialty surgeon, Dr. Ron Fallon, for orthopedic surgeries if need be. In those instances, we do our best to accomodate¬†your schedule, our schedule and Dr. Fallon’s schedule.

SurgeryPic2To help ensure your pets safety throughout the procedure, we take the following precautionary measures:

  • We require a pre-operative screening to make sure that the anesthetic agents are safe to use.
  • We insert a tube in their windpipe and use a heart monitor to keep track of their oxygen level, heart rate, and blood pressure from beginning to end.
  • We place an IV-catheter in their leg and give them fluids throughout the procedure to help maintain their hydration and blood pressure at the appropriate levels.